OpenAPI schema

Andrew Donnellan ajd at
Wed Aug 7 17:10:53 AEST 2019

Currently working on some patches that add some extra fields to the API.

Updating the OpenAPI schema, especially with the jinja2 templating that 
we use for versioning, is difficult, especially for those of us with no 
background in the OpenAPI format. patchwork.j2 is >2300 lines long, 
which is more than 2x the LOC in the api directory as measured by sloccount.

Does anyone even use the OpenAPI schema for anything?

I note that DRF apparently has some native support for OpenAPI schema 
generation ( - 
can we use that? Perhaps with a custom schema generator to handle API 

Andrew Donnellan              OzLabs, ADL Canberra
ajd at             IBM Australia Limited

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