Patchwork v2.1.0-rc2 Available

Stephen Finucane stephen at
Wed May 23 07:09:49 AEST 2018

The second release candidate of the upcoming Patchwork v2.1.0 release
is now available:

This release introduces a number of fixes on top of rc1 that were
identified during testing of same:

 * Downloaded mboxes will not include the 'Content-Transfer-Encoding'
 * [REST] Patches can be filtered by delegate using the delegates email
   address in addition to their ID
 * [REST] You can specify many filters multiple times
 * [REST] The performance of the web UI for the '/events' and
   '/patches' endpoints has been massively improved
 * Various documentation fixes

We look forward to any feedback on this release. Excluding any critical
issues seen in the coming days weeks, this code represents the final
version of 2.1.0, which is expected to be released in early June.

Happy patchworking!


Patchwork is a patch tracking system for community-based projects. It
is intended to make the patch management process easier for both the
project's contributors and maintainers, leaving time for the more
important (and more interesting) stuff. You can find out more on the
GitHub repo [1], the docs [2], or the original project homepage [3].


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