[PATCH v2 0/2] Patchwork 2.1.0-rc1: Eolienne

Daniel Axtens dja at axtens.net
Tue May 8 02:43:45 AEST 2018

> Personally I'd rather wait on the two things you mentioned below. The
> API changes in particular are extensive enough and I'd like people
> testing these as soon as possible (e.g. RC1). After that though, I'm
> good: things like the labels feature can definitely wait a while
> longer.
>>  * I know there are a few more bits and bobs we want in, but I think
>>    they're all sufficiently small to do as an rc2. Off the top of my
>>    head it's my still-soon-to-come return code thing, and Stephen's
>>    API tweaks.

These seem to have gone in now.

>>  * Stephen, I can't find an api version code except in docs/api.yaml,
>>    which I will freely admit to not understanding. AFAICT it's some
>>    sort of API definiton but I don't know how to edit it. Please help.
> This is currently defined in 'patchwork/urls.py' (the
> 'include(api_patterns)' line). We added in this release so we're going
> to need to add a note about this to the prelude. Something as simple as
> the below should do the trick.
>     The API version has been bumped to 1.1.

I have added this.

And with that, the patches and tag have now been pushed to the main repo.

>>  * Testing and general feedback would be appreciated. :)
Please go forth and do this!

I anticipate we'll put in any minor fixes that bubble up in the next
little while and then release 2.1 in a couple of weeks.

>> Thanks all for your contributions to Patchwork!
A big shout-out to our new contributors this cycle. Hopefully we can get
some cool stats sorted by the time we do the final release so we can see
how we're going as a community.

>> Regards,
>> Daniel
>> Daniel Axtens (2):
>>   docs: Prepare for 2.1.0-rc1
>>   Patchwork v2.1.0-rc1
>>  docs/index.rst                                       |  2 +-
>>  docs/releases/eolienne.rst                           |  5 +++++
>>  docs/releases/index.rst                              |  2 +-
>>  docs/releases/unreleased.rst                         |  5 -----
>>  patchwork/__init__.py                                |  2 +-
>>  releasenotes/notes/prelude-2_1-9fb70d76c5c835d4.yaml | 18 ++++++++++++++++++
>>  6 files changed, 26 insertions(+), 8 deletions(-)
>>  create mode 100644 docs/releases/eolienne.rst
>>  delete mode 100644 docs/releases/unreleased.rst
>>  create mode 100644 releasenotes/notes/prelude-2_1-9fb70d76c5c835d4.yaml

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