down, and e-mails not recorded

Daniel Axtens dja at
Wed Mar 21 10:10:03 AEDT 2018

>> socket.error: [Errno 111] Connection refused
> This looks like what would happen if you tried to use pwclient when our
> web server was down.  This happens every now and then for very short
> periods of time when we do updates to various things (including
> libraries that the web server itself depends on).
> Do the developers:  maybe it is worth catching this error in particular
> and giving some reasonable message (or, optionally,trying again after a
> short wait - or both).

Yep. So I want to rewrite pwclient to use the new API - this will mean
we can drop XMLRPC and also help to fix the issue where a patch with ^L in
it will break pwclient. When I do that, I will fix this. I have opened to help me


> -- 
> Cheers,
> Stephen Rothwell

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