down, and e-mails not recorded

Jeremy Kerr jk at
Tue Mar 20 23:19:01 AEDT 2018

Hi all,

Good news: with the logging we had in place recently (and a fix to
correct error reporting), it looks like we've found the problem with
parsing emails from a series. This issue was recently addressed by
Daniel, so I've updated to run the current
stable/2.0 branch, which has fixes for these. Hopefully this resolves
the issue with dropped patches.

The update should also make the mail parser a little more robust against
transient failures too.

Let me know how things go over the next few days.

Thomas and Dave: please keep using the custom addresses you've
configured for the incoming mail feed; this will allow me to keep an eye
on things on my side too. Assuming everything goes fine, we can revert
to the usual address next week.



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