down, and e-mails not recorded

Jeff Kirsher jeffrey.t.kirsher at
Thu Mar 15 05:27:13 AEDT 2018

On Mon, Mar 12, 2018 at 2:23 PM, Peter Korsgaard <peter at> wrote:
>>>>>> "daggs" == daggs  <daggs at> writes:
> Hi,
>  > happened to me too (not rejection), I've sent 4 patches in hope that
>  > they will be reviewed on the hackathon but I don't see them in
>  > patchwork.
> I guess you are referring to these patches?
> If so, they made it to the list atleast. We'll get to them sooner or
> later.
>> do I need to resend the patches?
> Until we have a fix for patchwork I would prefer not, changes are that
> one or more patches will be missed anyway.

This is getting to be very frustrating, at least from a maintainers
standpoint.  Consistently I am seeing only a few patches from a series
show up in patchworks.  Most recently less than 10 minutes ago with
the intel-wired-lan project, I attempted to resend a series of patches
that someone else sent on Monday, just because patchworks did not pick
it up the first time.  Now it only picked up 2 of the 7 patches.  Will
this issue be resolved any time soon?


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