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Daniel Axtens dja at
Tue Feb 6 21:53:30 AEDT 2018

Jeremy Kerr <jk at> writes:

> Hi Andrew,
>> jk, any idea whether there's something particular about the
>> instance that could be causing it to drop these patches?
> We're running plain upstream with regards to the parsing code; so if it
> parses we should be fine there.
> Assume the parsing is OK, there are a couple of reasons for potential
> drops:
>   - the database server was down at the time of parse. This is quite
>     infrequent, but can happen during database upgrades. The last one of
>     those was at 2018-01-27 05:08:30 UTC, so doesn't look like the case
>     here
>   - after the update to 2.x, database load has significantly increased;
>     there have been occasions where db connections are rejected due to
>     this. The recent patchwork update should address some issues there,
>     but I'm not sure whether we're back to optimal db behaviour now...

(FYI and slightly off-topic:)

Not yet - I'm tracking 2 distinct things:

 - a join is required to do any operation at all on patches, even
   listing them (join of sumbission and patch tables is required to get
   the project of a patch, as the project field belongs to the
   submission table).

 - massive api slowness, tracked on github and with some proposed
   patches on list.


> Cheers,
> Jeremy
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