[PATCH] Include all email headers in mboxes

Daniel Axtens dja at axtens.net
Fri Apr 6 01:47:19 AEST 2018

>> > That said, using a dict for this is in general not quite right, since
>> > many header lines are valid multiple times, e.g. "Received:", but I'm
>> > not sure they're even all stored.
>> Right, you and Veronika have convinced me. Clearly as a developer of
>> patchwork my view is a bit skewed - I have to look at them fairly
>> frequently when people report parsing bugs so I forget that other people
>> don't do this.
>> Veronika - can you check on repeated headers issue that Johannes raises?
> Right, this won't be too friendly in case of duplicate header keys. We do
> store all headers with duplicate keys so I can easily change that and post
> updated patch shortly.
> However, since this was brought up, the same situation is present in
> the API -- only one of the duplicate headers is shown. Based on my testing,
> the code on our side does return correct values so this should be a problem
> with the REST framework or something similar. I might take a look at it
> later but can't promise I'll be able to fix it easily.

Thanks! Fixing one problem at a time is fine - feel free to leave the
API for later. I think it'll need a special serializer so we may need
Stephen's expertise.


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