Anyone care for Django 1.11 in 2.0?

Daniel Axtens dja at
Thu May 11 05:12:20 AEST 2017

Hi Stephen,

> Yet another poll for interest.
> I have a series that adds support for Django 1.11 and resolves all
> "removed in 2.0" deprecation warnings. It's mostly noddy* stuff but
> weighs in at ~15 patches. Does anyone care enough about Django 1.11
> support to squeeze it in before 2.0? If not, I'll hold it for 2.1.

Given how long people tend to run their patchwork instances without
updating (literally years!), we probably want to be able to run on as
recent a version as possible. So yeah, let's plug this in and do an
rc2 to check for regressions. (Sorry to drag the process out!)

Hopefully I will get my stuff updated to rc1 real
soon now.


> Stephen
> * noddy = easy, in Irish/British English. Also a TV show character. Not
> sure what the relationship between the two, if any exists, is.
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