Patchwork 2.0 ready for takeoff?

Stephen Finucane stephen at
Tue May 2 20:00:25 AEST 2017

On Mon, 2017-05-01 at 21:19 +1000, Daniel Axtens wrote:
> Daniel Axtens <dja at> writes:
> > Hi Stephen,
> > 
> > Apologies on my patchwork-silence; I've recently moved from IBM to
> > Canonical so I've been a bit flat-out.

It's all good :) I'm just eager to wrap up 2.0 before the summer kicks
in in earnest, hence the push.

> > I haven't tested the patches for support for distro-package Xenial,
> > so I'd like to do that, and also do some Debian (and maybe CentOS?)
> > tests. I am hoping to get that done in the next couple of days.
> OK, Xenial works. If anyone wants to test against the API, feel free
> to use py2 or; please let me know how it
> goes.

Yup, I went through the deployment installation guide last night and
updated it to use Xenial (vs. Vivid) and system packages (vs. PyPi
packages). It worked mostly without issue, my own lack of experience
with nginx/uWSGI  and some Python 2/3 issues aside. The patches are up
if you want to take a shot at them.

BTW, I assume you used your saltstack formula [1] to deploy the two
instances above? I wonder if you'd like to include a link to that in
the documentation (or even move it into 'getpatchwork', if that would
aid discovery).

> I will try to do some debian/fedora/centos tests going eventually.

I'm going to give Debian a spin tonight. I'll probably focus on Stretch
as Jessie uses django-rest-framework 2.x.

I can't imagine too many people deploy things on Fedora, given it's
near-bleeding edge nature and lack of support (ditto for non-LTS
Ubuntu), and CentOS/RHEL look unlikely, given the sorry state of Django
in EPEL [2]. I think we can and should ignore both and assume generic
PyPi-based installations for those users.

> Regards,
> Daniel
> > 
> > I also think we should do an RC after we land all the features;
> > that'll give people a bit of warning and an impetus to test (as
> > well as definite target to test, rather than the somewhat more
> > nebulous 'master').

Yup, you suggested that before and it sounds like a good call. I don't
think any of the issues I listed are blockers for an RC, and I'm not
aware of any others. Unless there are objections, I can tag an RC on


> > Regards,
> > Daniel


[2] EPEL only provides Django 1.6 with backported security fixes. It's
not possible to update this without breaking the ReviewBoard package,
which supports Django 1.6 only at the moment due to the custom
migrations framework it provides. In addition, it seems the django-
rest-framework and django-filters libraries are not packages at all.
While Patchwork can work with the Django 1.6 and the REST Framework can
be disabled, I don't really want to encourage this kind of deployment.

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