[PATCH] parser: Use a series even if the version differs

Sean Farley sean at farley.io
Wed Jun 28 13:07:58 AEST 2017

Daniel Axtens writes:

> Hi Stephen,
>> Currently, once we've found a series for a new submission, we check to
>> ensure that the version of that series matches that of the submission,
>> and we discard the series if not. The original intention for this was
>> given in commit 'c21b30525', where this was added:
>>   There are some things you probably shouldn't do on public mailing
>>   lists, but which people do anyway.
>>   - [PATCH 1/2] test: Add some lorem ipsum
>>     - [PATCH 2/2] test: Convert to Markdown
>>       - [PATCH v2 1/2] test: Add some lorem ipsum
>>         - [PATCH v2 2/2] test: Convert to Markdown
>>   We should correctly parse these...
>> This is unnecessary for two reasons:
>> - If the series is using proper references, then the mechanism that
>>   we use to prevent this issue with unversioned follow ups (also added
>>   in that patch) will work here: namely, we don't add submissions if an
>>   submission with a given number already exists in that series.
>> - If the series is not using references, we already have a check for
>>   version.
>> Seeing as this check is actually causing issues for legitimate typos, we
>> should just remove this check. Do so, adding a check to ensure we don't
>> regress.
> I'd really really really prefer people used git-send-email and/or
> whatever the mercurial equivalent is.

'hg email' :-)

> The tools aren't *that* difficult
> to use correctly. But having said that, I'm not necessarily opposed to
> this patch. Not super keen, but not super opposed.

You'd be surprised how many patches we get that are copy / pasted into
the body. I haven't reviewed this patch but am just chiming in that I
agree with Daniel (and am also testing out my new mail client).
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