Patchwork v2 and beyond

Daniel Axtens dja at
Sun Jun 25 14:23:41 AEST 2017

Hi all,

So, Andrew, Russell and I had a chat about what we'd like to work
towards for future versions of Patchwork:

* Things before v2 comes out:
** 1 series per patch

 We think this is a solid idea.
** Release a tested version:

 We'd really like to see Patchwork v2.0 either be based on an unchanged
 release candidate, or a release candidiate with only very obvious and
 simple bug fixes. We really want to avoid the situation where people
 upgrade and hit major bugs as that makes people want to avoid

** Fuzzing the parser

 The hope here is to find any as-yet-undiscovered failure modes in the
 parser. I am hoping to do this in the next couple of days.

* For v2.0.1
** Django 1.11 support

 We need to keep up with Django, so this would be important.

* For version 2.n:
** Version support

 We currently have the ability to record the version of patches/series -
 we'd like to be able to integrate this in the UI. 

** Check permissions

 A more sophisticated model for granting permissions for checks may be

** Events/ETags/Push API

 We've been talking about good ways to provide this. We should do it.

** Port pwclient to REST

 What it says on the box.

* Version 3.0+

** Drop Python 2 (and anything < Django 2)
** Extend the REST API so that we can separate the front and back end
** Drop XMLRPC



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