Series of one patch?

Stephen Finucane stephen at
Thu Jun 22 23:59:57 AEST 2017

One of my Red Hat colleagues showed me a tool this morning - patches [1] - that
the QEMU community use. They seem to be building a huge JSON blob of
seriesified patches as part of a cron job [2], and that tool can download/parse
this blob and apply locally stored patches.

I noted that in that blob, _everything_ is considered to be part of a series.
I've seen this design before in the freedesktop instance [3] and wasn't too
pushed on it at the time as it seemed like a bit of a lie (those patches aren't
actually in a series). However, the ability to see *all* patches in series-
patch manner, rather than the inverted patch-series manner, is actually rather
nifty. If would also mean testing of patches could happen without needing to
filter for both 'patch-created' (for non-series patches) and 'series-completed' 
events (for series patches).

What do folks think? Any reason not to create a series for _all_ patches?



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