Patches not shown (installation almost complete)

Stephen Finucane stephen at
Wed Jul 19 01:41:06 AEST 2017

On Tue, 2017-07-18 at 15:46 +0200, David Demelier wrote:
> Hello all,
> I've installed patchwork 2.0.0-rc4 as described in the deployment guide. 
> I've got almost everything working (uwsgi, nginx, database and getmail). 
> Getmail receives patches as well and delivers them to patchwork, however 
> nothing is shown in the appropriate project.
> I guess I have something misconfigured in the patchwork admin page.
>  From my mailing list headers:
>    - List-Id: Test Mailing List
>    - List-Post: <mailto:test (AT)>
> I have created the following project in the administration page:
>    - Linkname: test
>    - Name: Test
>    - Listid: Test Mailing List
>    - Listemail: test (A)

Patchwork supports two ways of identifying what project a patch belongs to [1]:
by providing a 'listid' value (only possible with the 'parsearchive' tool), or
by extracting a suitable value for the header. In both cases, the
provided/extracted listid value is compared against the values stored in the
'Project.listid' field [2].

For the latter case (extracting the value from headers), we check for three
headers: 'List-ID', 'X-Mailing-List', or 'X-list' [3]. It doesn't do anything
with the List-Post header. If any of these must be present in the mails, then
their value must match one of the following regexes [4]:


  Any string inside a set of angle brackets. This can include words with



  Any string that doesn't include a space.

Based on the RFC that defines the List-Id header [4], it's expected that the
header will "appear like a host name in a domain of the list owner" [5]. As
such, Patchwork appears to be doing the correct thing here. Unfortunately, it
also means that your header, 'Test Mailing List', is not acceptable as it is
not surrounded by brackets and contains spaces. There are two courses of action
here. You could change (or ask the list admin to change) the list ID to abide
by that spec and update Patchwork's configuration accordingly. That would mean
you'd probably use something like ''. Alternatively, you could
modify Patchwork to accept space in the List-ID header. This would mean
converting the second regex to a catch-all/wildcard regex. It's worth pointing
out that I don't like this option as its not spec compliant, and I would not be
inclined to take this patch upstream. You'd have to carry this patch locally.

I'll be sure to add all of this information to the documentation for deployers
who encounter this issue in the future. In any case, do let me know how you get



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