Patchwork 2.0 ready for takeoff? (redux)

Stephen Finucane stephen at
Tue Jul 4 23:15:02 AEST 2017

With the last of the fuzz-fix patches merged, I think we're ready to tag either
another rc or tag the final release. My personal preference is, of course, to
for the latter. I've included a shortlog of the changes below, but tl;dr:
they're mostly fuzz fixes along with patches to allow for single patch series
and some minor bug fixes. Nothing too threatening, from what I can see.

What's the general consensus: v2.0.0-rc5 or v2.0.0 (final)?



18a2b98 REST: Allow filtering of patches by date
2e1fb53 Make browser tests work
bf194e2 parser: limit emails and names to 255 chars
parse(mail|archive): handle early fail within email module
ee4f7b9 Add fuzzer-
generated tests
cfcc280 parser: Don't pass a message-id longer than 255 chars to
the db
06b5f05 parser: better date parsing
a128310 parser: deal with headers
entirely failing to parse
66131ed parser: catch failures in decoding headers
cff parser: codec lookup fails when a NUL (\x00) is in the name
8052c8d parser:
don't assume headers are strings
ed4f096 parser: fix charset 'guessing'
4c5bc75 Remove ResourceWarnings under Py3
e631475 events-api: allow
filtering by date
691b41b parser: Trivial fix of test docstring
7364269 parser:
Support single-patch "series"
afeaeb2 parser: Use a series even if the version
62916ce parser: Validate no references, no cover behavior

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