missing latest patch versions in patchworks.

Manoj Iyer manoj.iyer at canonical.com
Fri Jan 27 01:20:38 AEDT 2017

when I search for a patch subject like: "arm64: add kdump support", the 
latest version reported by patchworks.kernel.org is not correct. Both web 
ui and pwclient thinks the latest version is v26, but the current version 
in v30. Also it does not report all the intermediate versions of the 

$ pwclient search  "arm64: add kdump support" -p linux-arm-kernel
ID      State        Name
--      -----        ----
6097001 New          [4/5] arm64: add kdump support
6144421 New          [0/5] arm64: add kdump support
6266851 New          [v2,4/5] arm64: add kdump support
9360173 New          [v26,0/7] arm64: add kdump support

But the correct new version is v30 for that patch.

How often does patchwork sync these mailing lists? coz looks like a bunch 
of versions before v26 are also missing in that list.?

Do you have any recommendation on any other xmlrpc url that might have the 
latest information ?

Manoj Iyer
ARM Servers - Cloud

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