Events for new comments for a patch series?

Don Zickus dzickus at
Tue Dec 19 08:23:37 AEDT 2017


I was playing with the events REST API interface and realized how convenient
the 'series-completed' category is.

I was curious if there is also a way to be notified if a new comment arrived
for a patch series.  We tend to use replies to patches as tags for meta
info.  For example, acked-by, nacked-by, and also Bugzilla.  There are times
when a patch submitter forgets to add a Bugzilla id or another id is added
because the patch solves another person's problem too.

Instead of reposting the patch series with the updated info, we tend to
parse the comment and update some internal tags that is connected with the

I was thinking, if having a 'events' interface that notified us a certain
patch series had 'new comments', our polling script could retrieve and parse
those comments.

Or maybe simpler, just a 'comments' REST API that when combined with project
and since could achieve the same thing.



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