Patchwork v2.0.0 Available

David Miller davem at
Tue Aug 29 08:11:29 AEST 2017

Some more UI feedback.

Those mbox/diff buttons being placed at the top-right of the screen
for a patch view is really inconvenient.  All of my muscle memory for
per-patch transactions now must be completely reprogrammed :-/

On my full screen Chrome window, it's a considerably far swipe of my
mouse from where all of the actual action is on the left side of the
screen for a patch view.

It's previous placement was better, as a link right before the actual

I've said the reasoning before, it's because I should be reading all
of the feedback in the patch view before deciding to download and
apply the patch.

So that's where I'll be scrolling to and where I need to mbox
download button to be.


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