[PATCH] Optimise querying of checks in patch list view

Johannes Berg johannes at sipsolutions.net
Fri Sep 30 22:56:56 AEST 2016

> > Did you ever get a chance to look at this?
> Umm, not yet sorry! Sadly patchwork is not my main task at work, so
> it gets pushed down the list a bit :(

No worries, same here. I use it to do (parts of) my job, but not much
beyond that ... I'm kinda working around it with a bookmark to the
filtered rather than todo list for now :)

> This is now a lot easier than it used to be if you're willing to use
> Docker on your local machine: that will set up a mysql server
> environment and a development environment, without installing
> anything on your local machine outside the docker images.

I've never used docker, but perhaps I should give it a try. I could
also just install mysql or postgresql, but ...

> Alternatively, yes, you can use sqlite, but I think the tests don't
> all pass... I haven't tried it, but there's something in the docs on
> it.

Ok, thanks. Maybe I'll give that a try. Still would have to find a
database, but I guess I can just import any local mailing list folder
that I have for that :)


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