[PATCH v3 0/7] Add series support

Stephen Finucane stephenfinucane at hotmail.com
Wed Sep 14 19:59:04 AEST 2016

> On 13/09/16 07:53, Stephen Finucane wrote:
> > Add support for series. Series are groups of patches sent as one
> > bundle. For example:
> It looks like patch 4 didn't hit the list.

Mailman seems to have an issue with patches containing mbox files. IIRC, Damien has a similar issue a while back.
You can find the change on my personal repo [1]. Would appreciate the review to see if I missed any edge cases. I'd like to get this merged next week.
[1] https://github.com/stephenfin/patchwork/tree/feat/series-support 		 	   		  
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