patchwork "parser: Remove 'main' function"

Stephen Fincane stephen at
Fri Nov 18 10:09:56 AEDT 2016

On Thu, 2016-11-17 at 19:30 +0000, Paul Jakma wrote:

CCing the list.

> Hi Stephen,
> I was using trying to setup patchwork, using latest git. I ran into
> an 
> issue following the instructions to use the scripts in tools/ to
> update 
> the status of existing commits and new commits. The 
> tools/{patchwork-update-commits,ost-receive.hook} scripts both use 
> to calculate the patch hash:
> $ grep tools/*
> grep: tools/docker: Is a directory
> tools/patchwork-update-commits: hash=$(git show "$commit" | python 
> $pwpath/ -#)
> tools/post-receive.hook:  hash=$(git show -C $1 | python 
> $PWDIR/ --hash)
> Except of course, the main function is now gone and doesn't
> do 
> anything anymore of itself. Also, the next commit removes the
> hash_diff 
> functions and stuff.
> I don't see an equivalent command added for, that could
> obtain 
> the hash, for these scripts to work?
> Any ideas on what to do there?

Ohhh, I never saw those calls. That's a bug. I'll add the missing
functionality back into the parsemail script post haste.

> Reverting those 2 commits, and some tweaking (e.g. I needed to add 
> 'import django\ndjango.setup()", and also got a "AttributeError:
> 'str' 
> object has no attribute 'decode'" error cause of my python version -
>> just removed the '.decode') sort of got it working it seems.

Let me know if this is still an issue once you apply the fix(es).


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