Getting errors with Series support

Daniel Axtens dja at
Thu Nov 17 13:45:10 AEDT 2016

Hi Stephen,

> Secondly, we're not handling series revisions correctly when sent 
> without a cover letter in-reply-to an existing series. Take something 
> like this:
>    [PATCH 1/2] My first patch
>      [PATCH 2/2] My second patch
>        [PATCH v2 1/2] My first patch
>          [PATCH v2 2/2] My second patch
> When we receive these new patches, we'll traverse the references to find 
> a stored SeriesReference objects [1]. This will match on a reference for 
> the original patches and return the original series' Series object. 
> Since this is actually a new series, the attempt to assign the revised 
> patches to the original series hits the ('series', 'number') check and 
> fails (note that this doesn't happen for series revisions sent *with* a 
> cover letter because we don't traverse references for cover letters 
> [2]). The easiest fix here would be to check the version of the Series 
> returned by find_series. If it doesn't match, create a new series and 
> store any new references against this new series, preventing further 
> issues.

Will send an appropriate patch to do this.

> There's an issue we haven't seen yet but, as a variation of the above, 
> is one likely to rear its malformed head sooner rather than later. Take 
> the following series:
>    [PATCH 1/2] My first patch
>      [PATCH 2/2] My second patch
>        [PATCH 1/2] My first patch
>          [PATCH 2/2] My second patch
> The user has forgotten to add a version but has sent the message 
> in-reply-to an existing series. The version check I suggested using 
> above wouldn't work as the versions are "the same". I've no idea how we 
> can solve this right now, I'm afraid, but I'd welcome some ideas.

TBPH, in this case I say just don't put the second two in a series at
all. They'll still be visible in Patchwork, just not in a separate
series. That's fine: we don't need to handle every conceivable
permutation of user behaviour - we can encourage sensible behaviour. We
just need to not throw exceptions!


> Stephen
> [1] 
> [2] 
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