Getting errors with Series support

Daniel Axtens dja at
Wed Nov 16 18:00:49 AEDT 2016


> In terms of your errors:
>> (1062, "Duplicate entry '143-5' for key 
>> 'patchwork_seriespatch_series_id_1fc2c47f3eb85695_uniq'")
> OK, so this is hitting our unique_together contstraint ('series',
> 'patch'): somehow we're trying to add another entry for the same series
> and the same patch. I wonder why this has not triggered duplicate
> detection at an earlier stage? Let me look into this more and get back
> to you.

Ah, I'm wrong - this could be hitting either the ('series', 'patch')
constraint - which has duplicate detection - or the ('series', 'number')
constraint - which does not have duplicate detection. I will send
another patch which fixes this (but probably not until tomorrow).

Feel free to not send the error logs at this point :)


>> (1048, "Column 'number' cannot be null")
> So that looks like SeriesPatch's number field. SeriesPatches are only
> created though the ManyToMany relationship between Patches and Series,
> so we must be creating that in some dodgy way at some point.
> That's mediated by Series.add_patch. That should really validate that a
> number is provided - it could be given a None. (I guess we should
> investigate static type hints!)
> Series.add_patch is called in the parser (parse_mail), when a series can
> be found, or is created. The number field takes the output of
> parse_series_marker.
> parse_series_marker should return either two numbers or (None, None). If
> we're throwing an error, it must be returning (None, None).
> Given that add_patch is guarded by 'if series:', we must have a
> series. We have two options - when a series is found with find_series,
> or when a series is created. Creation of a series is guarded by 'if not
> series and n:', and we know n is None, so we must be hitting this error
> not in the series creation path, but in the series found path.
> So, we are hitting this error when there are no series markers found,
> but find_series is finding a mail. This means we're passing None to
> add_patch. I suspect we're seeing a patch in reply to a series, but
> doesn't have a number. So something like:
>         [PATCH 0/3] A cover letter
>           [PATCH 1/3] The first patch
>             A mail in reply that happens to contain a diff
> We see mails with diffs get parsed as patches pretty often. I think we
> were going to merge a patch which forced a mail beginning with Re: to be
> parsed as a comment rather than a patch, but I'm not sure if that made
> it in yet.
> So I think we want to just say if the mail doesn't contain a number, we
> should not add it to the series. I'll send a patch shortly.
> Regards,
> Daniel
>> cheers,
>> daniel
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