[PATCH 1/2] urls: Move 'help/about' to 'about'

Stephen Finucane stephen at that.guru
Sat Nov 5 01:50:20 AEDT 2016

On 2016-10-31 21:14, Daniel Axtens wrote:
> Stephen Finucane <stephen at that.guru> writes:
>> This is the standard URL for such pages. This involves removing the
>> pwclient help page, but this is migrated to the project summary page
>> and detailed in the documentation.
> A few questions:
>  - You mentioned this is the standard URL: are you referring to a
>    particular standard, or to a looser convention?

I'm sure someone's drafted an RFC for this at some point, heh. However, 
I'm referring to the convention of most of the websites I visit 

>  - Is there any benefit to changing this apart from moving towards a
>    more standard URL?

Mainly cleaner/less code, which was the initial objective of this. I do 
think displaying the pwclient info on the project page is a UX 
improvement, though I'm biased.

>  - Are we stuck with the old URL 404ing, or can we put in a 301?

We can, but we'd have to carry that redirect for a very long time. I 
don't know if the value of that extra code is significant enough for a 
general page like this (it would be different for a patch or comment 


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