Feedback on recent Patchwork update

Wolfram Sang wsa at
Wed Mar 30 02:43:11 AEDT 2016

> * Is this how the Gnome 3 team felt? :)

Probably :)

> patches and is, to me, a clear usability boost. As for the general
> spacing, let's see if we can compress this further without reducing
> readability. This could also be a user configuration option, a la
> Gmail's cozy/compact UI setting.

+1 for the compact setting. We started a similar discussion before [1],
but I have to admit I didn't really test the new version until today :/

Also, when viewing a patch, most of the fonts are too large for my taste
(except for the "Details" items and the "Submitted by" line). For the
monospace fonts, I'd need to zoom out once in Iceweasel. For the
headlines, twice. So, maybe a compact setting here, too?


> boxes smaller (6 per row, reduced height), or go back to a row
> format but more in the style of the "Popular respositories"
> window found on a GitHub profile page [5].

+1 for row format.



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