Changing person/author names

Wolfram Sang wsa at
Tue Mar 22 18:37:58 AEDT 2016

> > Patches applied using pwclient will always use the first name that has
> > been seen for a particular email address. While this is usually fine, It
> > actually causes issues for people changing name without changing email
> > addresses or people changing the capitalization of their name (less
> > important though).
> ... and for folks that change names (I've had a few requests for that).

What most happened to me: Somebody initially writes mail without a real
name set up: "<mail>" This gets later changed to "<name> <mail>" but
patchwork still uses the first one forcing me to fix this manually in my

> Yes, I think this is worthwhile.

Thus, definately +1 on this one.

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