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On 03/15/16 17:09, Finucane, Stephen wrote:
> On 09 Feb 11:40, Thomas Petazzoni wrote:
>> Right now, in the Buildroot project, we are entering our "debug cycle".
>> During this cycle, we don't merge any new features or package updates.
>> But our patchwork is full of such patches. So it would be great to be
>> able to tag patches to distinguish the ones that may potentially be
>> considered for this release (bug fixes, minor improvements, security
>> updates, etc.) from the ones that are definitely going to be for the
>> next release.
> I'm waiting on reviews for cover letter feature, so I've picked this up
> as my next TODO item. I've something drafted and have made a couple of
> assumptions. Could you tell me if these would fit your needs?
> **NOTE:** I'm using the term 'labels' from now on, to prevent confusion
> with existing tag functionality (i.e. 'Reviewed-by').
> * Labels are tied to a given project. If you have two or more projects
>    on a given instance, they will need to create their own set of
>    labels. Project_A and Project_B can both have the label 'XYZ', but
>    these won't be related.
> * Label names must be slugs, i.e. alphanumeric characters, underscores
>    and hyphens only.
> * Labels will have an optional description, that will explain what said
>    label signifies.
> * Labels will be implicitly disabled: if you don't create labels, then
>    nothing will change from the user's perspective. However...
> * When enabled, labels will be displayed underneath each patch subject.
>    This will mean you will have ~ half the patches per page, but I don't
>    see how we can add another column without shedding other information?

  I don't expect dozens of labels on a single patch, and I expect the labels to 
be relatively short. So in presentation, I would treat them the same as [RFC], 
i.e. put in in square brackets in front of the subject.

  In fact, it would be a nice additional feature if labels would be assigned 
automatically when they are recognized like this from the [PATCH] bit. In 
buildroot, for the 'next' branch that Thomas described, people often send 
patches with subject prefix [PATCH/next] or [PATCH next].

  It would also be nice to add colour coding.

> * Labels can only be created by people with admin privileges, but can
>    be assigned by anyone

  Sounds good.


> What do you (or anyone else) think?
> Stephen
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