Patchwork v1.1.0 Available

Finucane, Stephen stephen.finucane at
Sun Mar 6 03:36:07 AEDT 2016

We're pleased to announce the release of Patchwork v1.1.0 ("Cashmere"):

This release focuses on usability and maintainability, and sets us up
nicely for a v2.0.0 release in the near future. Feature highlights of
v1.1.0 include:

* Automated delegation of patches, based on the files modified in said
* Storing of test results, a.k.a. "checks", on a patch-by-patch basis.
* Delegation of patches to any registered Patchwork user (previously
  one had to be a registered maintainer).
* Overhaul of the web UI, which is now based on Bootstrap.
* Python 3 support.

...and many others. You can see the full list of changes in the
[changelog][1]. You can also refer to the documentation for this

This will likely be the last release for the v1.x branch. The v2.0.0
release promises large reaching changes, including series and cover
letter support, a REST API, and tag support. There will also be a focus
on further refinement of the documentation and making Patchwork easier
to develop for, to deploy, and to upgrade. We welcome contributions in
any of these areas, and encourage users of Patchwork to upgrade
existing Patchwork deployments to this release in preparation.

Happy patchworking!


Patchwork is a patch tracking system for community-based projects. It
is intended to make the patch management process easier for both the
project's contributors and maintainers, leaving time for the more
important (and more interesting) stuff. You can find out more on the
Patchwork [homepage][4], the [GitHub repo][5], or the [docs][6].


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