[PATCH 00/10] Add series support

Andrew Donnellan andrew.donnellan at au1.ibm.com
Thu Jun 16 09:21:29 AEST 2016

On 15/06/16 19:07, Finucane, Stephen wrote:
> This has come up for discussion before, and the same argument for not
> doing it back then still stands now: bisectability. If you have N
> patches in a series, then tests should pass for every single patch (+
> dependencies) in the series. By testing a whole series, we can't
> validate this (or, at least we can't be explicit about this). In
> addition, I consider series (well, series revisions) as mere containers
> for patches, and I'd be very reluctant to add much logic to them.

I get the bisectability argument, though I think fundamentally that's a 
judgement for the tester as to which tests they feel are significant 
bisectability-wise, and Patchwork should try to fit in with preferred 
workflows where possible.

The primary use case which I'm currently working on involves compiling 
and testing kernels under multiple different configurations and 
(eventually) on physical hardware. I'm fine with doing one or two 
defconfig builds on a per-patch basis as a basic bisectability test, but 
testing every patch on a 20-50 patch series on more than a couple of 
defconfig builds, and running several 10-20 minute boot and runtime 
tests on VMs or physical hardware, just isn't going to be feasible. (In 
an ideal world with unlimited capital equipment budgets, it would 
obviously be a different story...)

I can see your point that series are merely containers for patches... 
I'm not *entirely* convinced of that myself but I can appreciate the 
argument there.

> The best option we might have, if per-series reporting is really
> necessary, is to allow Check uploading against a Series endpoint. This
> would actually cause N Checks to be created - one for each Patch in the
> series - meaning each Patch could still be individually queried. It
> would be a bit of a lie (we didn't actually test the patch by itself,
> therefore it might be broken) and I wouldn't promote this workflow
> myself (bisectability FTW), but it could be a good way of dealing with
> extremely long-running or resource-intensive test suites, where
> per-patch validation would be too expensive.

I suppose this would be better than nothing, though apart from being 
mildly misleading it would also generate a lot of spam. If I'm 
submitting 5 test results against the entire series and 1-2 test results 
against each individual patch, and we have all of those results 
appearing on every patch, things could get more than a little bit 
confusing. Personally, I'd be inclined to submit series-wide test 
results as checks on the very last patch in the series instead of using 

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