Checks API and pwclient

Andy Doan andy.doan at
Thu Feb 18 09:12:51 AEDT 2016

On 02/17/2016 03:16 PM, Finucane, Stephen wrote:
> On 17 Feb 10:40, Andy Doan wrote:
>> I was looking at trying to make use of the "checks" API via XMLRPC.
>> The first problem I noticed is that the client passes invalid
>> parameters to the server, so the command doesn't work. I started to
>> look at fixing this, but have gotten bogged down in how this was
>> intended to work.
>> I'm wondering if there are plans or proposed patches around this
>> feature, and if not is there interest in making the feature more
>> usable?
> Hey Andy,
> So there's two questions here IMO: how is the API supposed to work, and
> how usable is it in its current form? I've given long answers to both below.
>> The things I'd like from the API are:
>>   * list checks for a given patch or maybe list of patches.
>>   * add a check to a patch
>> If this sounds sensible, I'd be willing to create a patch-set.
> So there is work around series support and a REST API implementation,
> as discussed below. These might impact anything you do in the long run
> (though I am totally open to input here). As far as near-term work on
> the XML-RPC API and/or pwclient tools go, however, I'd be delighted to
> see any contributions you could make and will certainly work with you
> to get them in. I'm not working on these right now and don't think
> anyone else is either. Unless someone else replies with different input
> then please feel free to proceed :)

Thanks for the info - this was exactly what my user was wondering. 
Maybe, for now, I'll just try creating a patch that introduces a single 
XMLRPC method like:

  def check_create(patch, context, state, target_url="", description="")

It shouldn't add too much more to the existing XMLRPC, but would allow 
me to then create a simple one-off script for my user to add a check to 
a patch.

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