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On Tue, 9 Feb 2016 10:35:12 +0000, Finucane, Stephen wrote:

> > Well, the tags are per-patch, so I don't really understand this
> > question. Of course, you could make the tag support an optional
> > functionality on a per-project basis, if that's what you mean.
> So my concern is that some people tend to be careless when creating
> things like tags. We probably want to avoid "tag hell", whereby there
> are hundreds of tags with names like "TODO", "Todo", "todo", "todo2",
> etc. I figure the only way to avoid this is to only allow certain
> people to create tags, though anyone could theoretically assign them?

I understand your concern. And yes indeed, you could decide to allow
only "maintainers" to create tags, but then let the patch authors
themselves associate one or several of the existing tags to their

For example, in Bugzilla, only the bug tracker admin can create
versions/milestones, but then every user reporting/managing bugs can
tag a specific bug to apply to a given version or to be fixed in a
given milestone.

Right now, in the Buildroot project, we are entering our "debug cycle".
During this cycle, we don't merge any new features or package updates.
But our patchwork is full of such patches. So it would be great to be
able to tag patches to distinguish the ones that may potentially be
considered for this release (bug fixes, minor improvements, security
updates, etc.) from the ones that are definitely going to be for the
next release.

> > Yes, this could be a project. But ideally you need several ideas to
> > propose to GSoC candidates, and then also candidate as an organization.
> > You have until February 19 for this, so hurry up :-)
> Eek! I'll start fishing for ideas today.


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