Delegate-To: and Reviewers: HOWTO ?

Pat Noziska patrick.j.noziska at
Wed Aug 24 09:30:22 AEST 2016

Forgive me in advance if this is already in the Patchwork list archives 
- there's no search function in the archives page that I can see ;-) , 
and I can find no other documentation on this..

Is there any documentation out there on the purpose and proper usage of 
Delegate and Reviewer features in Patchwork?

I want to use those attributes to assign patches for review/approval 
within a team and track their review status.


 1. In the Projects admin page, how does one correctly set up delegation
    rules - what is the correct syntax of the Path attribute (e.g. are
    regular expressions allowed), how can a delegation rule be applied
    to multiple users, does this trigger automatic delegation, and what
    notification does a Delegate receive when a patch is Delegated to a
    user? Can patch status be made dependent on comments from Delegates?
 2. If a delegation rule doesn't exist that would apply to a given
    patch, how can one produce a list of potential delegates that a
    patch can be delegated to?
 3. What Is the difference between a Delegate (as shown in the Patch
    view) and a Reviewer (as shown in the Series view) ?  How is a
    Reviewer determined?

In general, I need a HOWTO on Delegates and Reviewers? Can you help?


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