Feedback on recent Patchwork update

Thomas Monjalon thomas.monjalon at
Wed Apr 27 07:19:29 AEST 2016

2016-03-29 11:22, Finucane, Stephen:
> I think the recently merged "shift-select" patch will help [4]. To
> summarise, this lets you use the shift key to select a range of
> patches and is, to me, a clear usability boost. As for the general
> spacing, let's see if we can compress this further without reducing
> readability. This could also be a user configuration option, a la
> Gmail's cozy/compact UI setting.

Yes the "shift-select" is really a killer feature for the web interface.

I agree the spacing should be small, or at least have a preference
settings for compact mode.
I would add that the line "Submitted by" below the title seems useless
as the info is already at the top of the commit message section.

> > 3) Comments are now after the PATCH. This is nuts. That's the first
> > thing I want to see after the commit message! I want to see if people
> > have reservations or major feedback about the patch before I even
> > see the patch itself.


I wonder wether the box to change some patch properties should be
duplicated between the last comment and the patch, to avoid scrolling
after reading the comments.

Another good feature would be to change the color and reduce the size
of the history in the comments (I mean lines starting with "> ") to
improve readability.

Thanks for improving patchwork

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