[PATCH 51/51] patch-list: Tweak how A/R/T tags are displayed

Finucane, Stephen stephen.finucane at intel.com
Fri Sep 11 02:40:21 AEST 2015

> Well, there's a lot to talk about with tags. Associating a color with
> the tag (in the db then) makes some sense. That's something that can be
> changed in the future though and I didn't want to introduce db changes
> before we have sorted out the pending patches touching the db.

Do it dynamically?

> One note is that "genericity" is already biting us a bit in the patch
> state, it's a fine idea, but in practice all known patchwork instances
> seem to work with the same list of states, so all it does is introducing
> more complexity from my point of view.

Agreed. We should use 'choices'! :)

> For tags though, I thing the idea can be extended quite a bit, but
> that's a whole different story.
> > In any case, move 'text-align' into 'table#patchlist > tbody > tr' -
> > no point in duplicating it.
> I don't believe so, I don't want to center all the <td> in that table,
> just the ones with those clases.

So add a generic class? Duplication is the root of all evil.

> --
> Damien

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