[PATCH v2 0/4] Remove support for Django 1.6

Johannes Berg johannes at sipsolutions.net
Fri Nov 6 06:19:21 AEDT 2015


+Matthias Runge, who maintains the Fedora and EPEL packages for Django.

> The problem with continuing support for Django 1.6 is, as mentioned,
> that it incurs a huge amount of overhead due to the SQL migrations
> (this affects not only developers but also sysadmins, who must
> validate and apply these migrations). There's also the security
> impacts of using unsupported Django versions, though admittedly the
> extended support should mitigate these impact for another few months.

Yeah, I totally understand.

> We want patchwork to be as usable as possible and 'kernel.org' is
> clearly a hugely popular instance. I can revert these patches and
> continue to add migrations for the foreseeable future, but before
> doing so I'd like to know if there is any way around this issue?
> Django 1.8 is LTS so I imagine there should be support coming for
> this in EPEL, SLES etc. I'm little to no experience with these
> distros though, and I have no idea how these folks plan/publish their
> roadmaps. Could you advise?

Unfortunately, I really don't know either. It does seem that Matthias
is maintaining their 1.6.11+ version beyond what upstream did, and F23
contains 1.8.6, but it's not clear to me if EPEL could or would be
upgraded beyond bugfixes.

All I really know is that we *just* are going to be able to ask for a
long-needed patchwork upgrade on kernel.org with the planned (aiui)
RHEL7 upgrade, at which point the latest patchwork will already not run
any more due to this patchset.

That also means it'll be tremendously difficult to get further
improvements in (e.g. the ability to auto-delegate based on changed
files) without waiting for a very long time - which makes trying to do
that somewhat pointless.


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