[PATCH 2/2] project: Provide a setting to only consider git send-email patches

Finucane, Stephen stephen.finucane at intel.com
Tue Nov 3 02:39:50 AEDT 2015

> Hi Stephen,
> > For the setup on patchwork.ozlabs.org, a flag for parsemail means I'd
> >> need project-specific configuration outside of the admin system, which
> >> seems a bit clunky.
> >
> > So you're suggesting...not including this option anywhere?
> No, just that it should be a project setting (ie, part of the Project
> model), rather than something we pass as an argument to parsemail.

Ah, I hadn't considered the case where the person configuring a project wouldn't be the person maintaining the server/running the parsemail script. This is clearly a very common situation (example: ozlabs.org).

One point is that this patch doesn't have manual SQL migrations. However, as Django 1.6 is no longer supported upstream[1] and we now have some form of versioning[2], I feel comfortable dropping support ourselves. This also allows us to drop support for manual SQL migrations, thus sidestepping the issue entirely. Once I've merged the changes removing this support I will merge this.


[1] https://www.djangoproject.com/download/#supported-versions
[2] https://lists.ozlabs.org/pipermail/patchwork/2015-October/001990.html

> Regards,
> Jeremy

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