Patchwork updated, request for lost patches

Jeremy Kerr jk at
Fri May 29 10:47:03 AEST 2015

Hi all,

The good news: I've updated the patchwork git tree - with the main set 
of changes from Brian Norris & Stephen Finucane (full shortlog below), 
and some further updates for django 1.7 onwards. The patch-tagging 
(Acked-by/Reviewed-by/Tested-by) code is now in the main repo, and the 
database schema for this is now done.

The bad news: when updating the instance on, I was 
missing a fix for django-1.7, for the patch parser code. This means that 
we missed about 22 hours worth of patches.

The parser is fixed, so we should be receiving new patches again. If 
you're maintaining a project in patchwork, and are missing patches, just 
send me a .mbox of mail between:

   May 28 01:50 UTC and
   May 29 00:33 UTC

(times are be conservative; duplicate messages will get filtered out 
fine), and I'll feed that directly into patchwork.

I've already done this for the skiboot, linuxppc and buildroot projects. 
If your list is hosted on too, I can take patches from 
mailman archive directly, but please still send me an email.

Sorry about the hassle, but keep me posted on how things are going.



Brian Norris (9):
       xmlrpc: add 'archived' status to patch summary
       xmlrpc: include UNIX mbox 'From ' header in patch_get_mbox()
       TODO: remove completed items
       INSTALL: fix mysql syntax
       pwclient: add project option to single-patch commands
       pwclient: exit on first patch which fails to apply
       xmlrpc: support filtering by 'archived'
       pwclient: drop unused variables
       pwclient: support 'archived' filtering and updating

Bryce Harrington (2):
       INSTALL: Fix some minor typos
       INSTALL: Fix indentation (whitespace only change) to 4 spaces

Damien Lespiau (1):
       Always use #!/usr/bin/env python

Jeremy Kerr (14):
       Move to a more recent django project structure
       lib/apache2: use django-1.7-compatible wsgi application
       lib/apache2: Update sample configuration files for new
           staticfiles application
       docs: Fix documentation for new settings infrastructure
       bin: Fix references to old settings module location
       Update documentation and default settings to suit patchwork
           deployment model
       docs: Add collectstatic step to installation instructions
       Add patch tag infrastructure
       doc: Add NEWS file for recent updates
       patchwork/utils: Remove unnecessary MultiplePatchForm import
       cron: Move patchwork-cron script to a management command
       tests: Remove old-style test runner module
       parsemail: run django.setup to initialise Models
       parsemail: Don't catch all exceptions when a Project isn't found

Johannes Berg (1):
       views/xmlrpc: fix xmlrpc delegate filtering

Michael Ellerman (2):
       parser: Fix parsing of patches with a trailing no-newline marker
       Make the submitter name link to a query for that submitter

Stephen Finucane (8):
       Resolve removed 'AUTH_PROFILE_MODULE' setting
       views: Replace 'mimetype' with 'content_type'
       settings: Resolve all but one Django 1.7 warning
       docs: Use 'prod' and 'dev' requirements files
       settings: Restructure settings file
       Integrate 'django.contrib.staticfiles'
       settings: Split '' into multiple files
       tox: Add tox.ini file

aldot (1):
       pwclient: honor PAGER for view

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