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Stephen Finucane stephenfinucane at
Fri May 1 02:44:59 AEST 2015

> Hi,
> Patchwork helps the DPDK community a lot.
> It is running here:
> We are thinking about contributing to add the ability to store
> and display some test status in a new column (plus links to test reports
> in the detailed view).
> Before starting this work, we would be very interested by having the new
> column A/R/T in our instance. Unfortunately, it seems to be a local change
> on which is not pushed in the git repository. Am I right?

Hi Thomas,

I've been looking at this issue for a few months, mainly to try automate testing of Open vSwitch patches. I'm working on a design based on GitHub's 'statistics' API [1][2]. There were many alternatives (such as Gerrit's "CI as just another reviewer" model) but this interface provides the best (IMO) way to store and display results without filling a mailing list with "CI noise".

To develop something here, I've been building upon Damien Lespiau's great work RE: adding a REST API and adding "series support" [3]. I should have something complete by the end of May, should you be interested? However, if this is something urgent that you need to work on now then I'd love to be involved (in a personal or professional capacity).

In the interim, I'd suggest checking out the patchew project[4], developed by a QEMU developer[5]. This isn't ready for prime-time, IMO, but it's a potentially good source of ideas and the only example of mailing-list CI that I could find.



> Thanks
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> Thomas
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