Feature request: delegating patches to others than maintainers

Finucane, Stephen stephen.finucane at intel.com
Tue Jul 21 18:17:56 AEST 2015

> > The trick will be to to work out how to integrate this into the UI, so
> > you don't end up with a select-box with 1360 users to scroll through.
> > That shouldn't be too difficult though.

The Gerrit UI allows you to type an email address/username in and get autocomplete suggestions. I'm fairly certain I saw a filter somewhere in patchwork somewhere that did the same thing. We could probably use that?

> Yes. In my "profile", it says:
>   Contributor to buildroot, crosstool-ng, devicetree-bindings,
>   linux-gpio, linux-i2c, linux-ide, linux-imx, linux-mtd, linux-pci,
>   linuxppc-dev, netdev, netfilter-devel, patchwork, rtc-linux,
>   sparclinux, uboot.
> So apparently patchwork is able to know to which project I posted at
> least one patch. So maybe you can show only the users that have
> contributed at least one patch in the project?
> Or simply we need a new flag for users, like "maintainers" but that
> doesn't give them the right to manipulate all patches, only the ones
> that have been delegated to them.

This means that, post-change, you could delegate to either a maintainer or a prior contributor who happened to have a patchwork account but not anyone else. Would this be acceptable? (I don't think it'd be necessary to take this approach, but just making sure in case).

Finally, would the non-maintainers be able to set state to any state. In Gerrit, the submitter of a patch can abandon or rebase the patch, but can't merge it unless they're a maintainer/core dev. We don't have to worry about rebasing or merging, but setting the status to Accepted is basically the same thing, right? Can we assume the assigned delegate won't update with any misleading information? :)

I can have a look at this today, if no one else is interested in doing it? It's about time I started submitting "real features".

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