Any interest in these utility scripts

Andy Doan andy.doan at
Tue Jan 20 05:22:23 AEDT 2015

I have a couple of scripts I've started experimenting with for my
patchwork instances and thought I'd share them to see if there might be
in any interest in me trying to upstream either of them:


Similar to "tools/patchwork-update-commits" but with 2 big differences:

* Runs on the patchwork server and talks directly to the Django ORM
* Keeps track of the last analyzed commit, so that it can be run via cron


Seems less likely to be of interest, but rather than using procmail type
logic, I have a cron job that operates via IMAP. One handy thing with
this, is that we catch failures and put them in a folder so that we can
go back and analyze what failed. It also makes it easy to re-try things
because you simply move the message back to the inbox and run the script

Thanks for providing such a handy project!

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