[PATCH 8/9] py3: Resolve unicode issues

Finucane, Stephen stephen.finucane at intel.com
Fri Dec 11 07:21:39 AEDT 2015

On 29 Nov 22:10, Stephen Finucane wrote:
> Python 3 is unicode only. While many of the issues with unicode, such
> as the now invalid 'u' prefix, have already been resolved, there are a
> few more issues.
> Many of these issues are related to HTTPResponse.content, which returns
> bytes and needs to be "decoded" in order to perform actions like
> concatenation with str objects (unicode). Where possible, make use of
> assertContains, per the Django documentation (http://bit.ly/1lRDYie),
> else fall back to including a 'decode' statement.
> Signed-off-by: Stephen Finucane <stephen.finucane at intel.com>

I have a feeling these issues may pop up again, but current Python 2.7
installations shouldn't be affected. Merged.

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