[PATCH 00/51] A patchwork redesign v2

Wolfram Sang wsa at the-dreams.de
Tue Aug 25 06:21:55 AEST 2015

Hi Damien,

> excuse than the lack of time to look at patchwork. Good news though, making
> patchwork useful for us (i915 and more largely for projects hosted on
> freedesktop.org) is now (small, but still!) part of my work here at Intel, so
> expect some renewed activity.

Good news, indeed.

>   - Autocompletion behaviour: I made sure that the previous behaviour, that is
>     being able to quickly type a string in the submitter input field and press
>     <Enter> to submit the form before the autocompletion kicks in, still works.
>     I also tweaked that same input field behaviour so that pressing <Enter>
>     after having selected a completion candidate also triggers a form
>     submission (Wolfram Sang, Peter Maydell),


>   - Reduce a bit the vertical padding to allow more items in the same viewport
>     (Wolfram Sang),


>   - Focus the user name field when loading the login page (Wolfram Sang),


> No test instance this time, but the mandatory screenshots!

Awwww... Any chance of having that somewhen later?

Thanks for this work!


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