Adding Django 1.8 + Python 3 support

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Wed Apr 8 19:53:23 AEST 2015

> Just a data point: Debian Stable (Wheezy) has python-django version
> 1.4.5, whereas Testing (Jessie) (which will become Stable soon(?)) has
> 1.7.7. So Stable is already unsupported by patchwork.
> Debian Stable has python version 2.7.3 and python3 version 3.2.3, while
> Testing has 2.7.9 and 3.4.2 respectively.
> Its probably also worth considering what is in the latest Ubuntu LTS,
> RHEL and SLES releases.

Summary of findings below. Long story short: Python 2.6 is likely in use for any systems running RHEL6 or SLES11, but the supported versions of Ubuntu LTS only use Python 2.7 or Python 3.x. I've no idea how widespread RHEL6 and SLES11 are so perhaps Python 2.6 support is a necessity? We could probably accomplish Python 2.6-3.x compatibility but it'd need extensive use of the 'six' library (available since Django 1.5).

The versions of Django bundled, if any, seem to fall within the range of unsupported or hopefully soon-to-be-dropped versions (i.e. 1.5, 1.6). I'm no sysadmin, but installing the latest version with 'pip' seems an appropriate option.

# Ubuntu LTS

Lucid (10.04) comes with 2.6.5:

Precise (12.04) adds support for Python 2.7:

However, Lucid is also approaching five years old and support for it has just ended so I feel we don't need to support this:

Both Lucid and Precise comes with unsupported versions of Django (1.1 and 1.3 respectively):

However, both have 'pip' and 'virtualenv':


RHEL 6 comes with Python 2.6 alone, though it is possible to upgrade to Python 2.7/Python 3 with RHSCL:

RHEL 7 comes with Python 2.7, though once again RHSCL makes addition of other versions a cinch:

RHEL 6 comes with Django 1.5 and RHEL comes with Django 1.6:

Once again, 'pip' and 'virtualenv' are available in both environments:


NOTE: SLES is the hardest distro to find documentation for. Any advice here?

SLES 11 appears to support variations of 2.6:

SLES 12 appears to support 2.7 and some version of 3:

I couldn't find any references to versions of Django bundled with SLES and it does not appear as though 'pip' or 'virtualenv' are available. These need to be installed from source/additional repos apparently:

# Fedora

Python 2.7 appears to be the standard in Fedora since Fedora 14. Per the release notes:

Fedora 21 still includes Python 2.7.

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