Delegate Vs Reviewer

Jeremy Kerr jk at
Wed Nov 26 16:42:21 AEDT 2014

Hi all,

> On Mon, Nov 24, 2014 at 05:35:11PM +0000, Damien Lespiau wrote:
>> I'd like to be able to assign reviewers to patches. That seems very
>> close to what a delegate is today. Would anyone have objections if I
>> just use Delegate as Reviewer?
> I'm honestly not sure what Delegate is intended for. It seems like its
> purpose is open to your interpretation.

One example: on the powerpc list, we have an overall maintainer, and
several sub-maintainers, who are generally responsible for their own
subsystem or set of hardware.

If a patch for one of the sub-maintiners' areas appears, it can be
delegated to the appropriate person to review, test, and/or merge. The
change is then included in the next merge-request from the
sub-maintainer to the main maintainer.

In this case, patch review is only one of the tasks of the delegate.



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