[PATCH 3/3] pwclient: support 'archived' filtering and updating

Brian Norris computersforpeace at gmail.com
Tue Nov 25 11:12:10 AEDT 2014

On Mon, Nov 24, 2014 at 11:46:34PM +0000, Keller, Jacob E wrote:
> Regarding argparse: You can do it by making both args optional and then
> complaint if one isn't set afterwards.
> I never found a better way to express complex arguments dependencies. 

I was suspecting that. I can write up the above solution sometime. Feel
free to take this patch as-is and I'll patch on top, barring any other
complaints about this patch series.

> -------- Original message --------
> From: Brian Norris
> Date:11/22/2014 9:50 PM (GMT-08:00)
> To: patchwork at lists.ozlabs.org
> Subject: [PATCH 3/3] pwclient: support 'archived' filtering and updating
> Notably, we still leave the '-s' option as required for 'pwclient
> update'; so you can't *just* archive a patch without setting its state.
> I couldn't quite figure out the right argparse usage to represent that
> the user must include one or both of '-s' and '-a'.


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