[PATCH 00/46] A re-styling of Patchwork

Wolfram Sang wsa at the-dreams.de
Tue Nov 25 03:49:11 AEDT 2014

> The number of the lines one can see on a single page is an interesting
> point. Two things can be done there, use a sighlty smaller font and
> reduce the vertical padding a bit. Will give it a try.

Comparing the two UI, I'd say try both options :)

> I'm wondering what's the problem here. The auto-completion should
> present you with the relevant list of submitters. Are you saying there's
> a valid case for searching for "Thom" and get all the Thomas? That with
> the way it was done before it was fewer keys to type?

I often type a substring and hit enter and get the list with all matches
of that substring (although I have to be faster than the
autocompletion). Now if I type a substring and hit enter, nothing
happens when there is no autocomplete-list. Try entering "vil" in your
demo setup. Nothing will happen if you press Enter.

> > Maybe you can also fix something which annoys me for quite some time
> > now, but I couldn't fix it. When using the login-page, place the cursor
> > immediately on the username field?
> If you want to give it a try, using jquery, that should be something
> like:
> <script>
>   $(function() {
>       $('#id_username').focus()
>   });
> </script>
> ie, on the document load event (DOM ready!), find the element with the
> 'id_username' id and give it focus.

Ehrm, bear with a poor specialized kernel hacker. I looked a bit around
and found something to do with OnLoad(), but I could not figure where in
the nested template structure of patchwork this command should go to.
So, I kindly leave this to the web experts ;)



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