[PATCH 00/46] A re-styling of Patchwork

Wolfram Sang wsa at the-dreams.de
Mon Nov 24 03:57:23 AEDT 2014

> >   http://patchwork.lespiau.name/
> Wow, looks great!

It has pros and cons. Can the font size in the patch display list be
configured? Current patchwork fits more on a page and I like that.

I filter my patch list a lot by partial submitter names. The new UI
doesn't allow that, it seems.

While I am usually a fan of zebra stripes, highlighting the patch which
the mouse cursor is over is really a good thing.

Maybe you can also fix something which annoys me for quite some time
now, but I couldn't fix it. When using the login-page, place the cursor
immediately on the username field?

> Since you don't touch the models there, I'd like to set up a beta site,
> (which would use the same database as the regular site) and use your changes
> on that. Once we've got some feedback from core patchwork users, we can
> merge these to the main site.

Has this been done already? Would like to test the maintainer

> So, I'll get the reworked A/R/T code whipped into shape, apply your regesign
> series on top of that, and we can go from there.

Thanks for your efforts, too,


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