Using "From" to start commit message

Carl Worth cworth at
Wed Mar 19 11:56:30 EST 2014

Jeremy Kerr <jk at> writes:
> Carl - I see you've done some work on git am's parser for From_ syntax;
> do you know what's happening here?

Git is surprisingly broken with regard to commit messages containing the
sequence of "From " at the beginning of a line.

I didn't finish the patch I wanted to write here. If I had, I would have
demonstrated that the current combination of "git format-patch" and "git
am" cannot successfully replay git's own history, but my imagined,
improved version would be able to.

(And, also interesting, you can find a bunch of totally garbled commits
in git's history because of this issue. Things where there is a commit
message that's actually one commit message, some patch content, and then
another commit message all run together).

I don't recall the details of the patch I had envisioned, but basically,
it was following the best-practice for reversible mailbox escaping from
"From " lines. There's one obviously-correct approach that is
reversible, but annoyingly, much software, (including git when I last
looked), doesn't use it.

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