changes to pwclientrc

Peter A. Bigot pab at
Mon Jul 14 19:00:56 EST 2014

The recent change to support multiple servers broke my own solution to 
that problem, which is fine, but the new approach seems odd to me 
because it mixes servers and projects by (a) putting the user, password, 
and url on a per-project rather than per-server level, and (b) not 
accounting for the possibility a project name is re-used on multiple 

If it would help, I can provide an alternative solution that recognizes 
a .pwclientrc file with format as below, which meets what I think are 
the underlying requirements.  This solution would also continue to 
recognize the original pwclientrc format, and support the following syntax:

  pwclient search cups
  pwclient -S ozlabs projects
  pwclient query -p meta-freescale
  pwclient -S oe2 query -p bitbake

My approach would require somebody to provide new bash_completion 
support if that's important, though.

I'm using this internally, and would be happy to prepare a pull request 
and discuss how to extend it to other use cases if it's likely to be 
acceptable upstream.


Example new format:

   server = oe

   url =
   default-project = oe-core
   username = somename
   password = somekey

   url =
   default-project = oe
   username = othername
   password = otherkey

   url =
   default-project = patchwork

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