[PATCH] Fallback to common charsets when charset is None or x-unknown

Jeremy Kerr jk at ozlabs.org
Mon Jul 14 12:09:58 EST 2014

Hi Siddesh,

> We recently encountered a case in our glibc patchwork instance on
> sourceware, where a patch was dropped because it had x-unknown
> charset.  I used the following patch to fix this in our instance.  The
> fix I used was to fall back on a set of encodings (instead of just
> utf-8) when the charset is not mentioned or if it is set as x-unknown.

I tried this patch with a testcase from the failing patch you forwarded
me, and get the following:

ERROR: testPatch (patchwork.tests.test_patchparser.CharsetFallbackPatchTest)
Traceback (most recent call last):
line 432, in testPatch
    (patch, comment) = find_content(self.project, self.mail)
  File "/home/jk/devel/patchwork/apps/patchwork/bin/parsemail.py", line
180, in find_content
    decoded_payload = try_decode(payload, cset)
  File "/home/jk/devel/patchwork/apps/patchwork/bin/parsemail.py", line
152, in try_decode
    payload = unicode(payload, charset)
LookupError: unknown encoding: none

In this case, it looks like the encoding is actually ascii, but the
"none" charset is causing trouble:

  Content-Type: text/plain; charset="none"
  Content-Transfer-Encoding: QUOTED-PRINTABLE

So the failure there is due to the "none", and not the charset of the
patch content. I've put together an updated change (will send it
shortly), could you let me know if it looks OK to you?



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